What Are the Most Popular Stamped Concrete Patterns for Patios in Michigan?

What Are the Most Popular Stamped Concrete Patterns for Patios in Michigan?

Stamped patterns can transform drab, boring concrete into realistic representations of wood, tile, stone, and brick. They’re made of infinitely-reusable polyurethane and are available in many imaginative textures, shapes, and patterns.

If you’re starting a stamped concrete project, you might be wondering which patterns are best to use. To better guide you, our team at Stamped Concrete analyzed sales data from years past to determine which patterns were most loved by homeowners in Michigan.

Best Stamped Concrete Pattern for Patio Edges: Grapevine Border

While there are certainly many enticing patio edge stamp options, our Grapevine Border is the winner. It’s 32 x 4.5 inches, making it simple and quick to move along the edges of your patio when the concrete is ready for stamping. If your patio is extra-large, consider purchasing more than one to make the project go even faster. And if grapevines aren’t your first choice, we offer several other edging patterns, including slate, brick, and cedar planks.

Best Stamp for Steps: Cantilever Step Liners

Concrete step liners add dimension to the front faces of patio steps. While most of our customers prefer our Cantilevered Step Liner, our Cut Stone Liners came in second.

Our cantilever patio step stamps are available in different widths, but the standard size creates a 5-inch textured riser with a 2.25-inch cantilevered edge. This durable product allows concrete finishing work on the slab or step below. Comparatively, the Cut Stone Liners are 8 feet long with various corner edge sizes and widths.

Best Large Pattern: London Cobble

For a long time, Ashlar Slate was a long-running favorite among our customers in Michigan. Now, they seem to prefer London Cobblestone most often. This unique stamped concrete pattern set is designed for large patios. The set features multiple 17 x 30-inch stamps—nine are rigid, one is floppy, and one is textured. The set also comes with a touch-up wheel.

Best Stencil: Star

If you’re looking for an easy, inexpensive, and quick way to eloquently modify your patio’s appearance, you can’t go wrong with a stencil. Our 4-foot star stencil is currently our best-seller. We offer a wide range of stains and other concrete colorants you can use with the stencil to make your design unique. If you don’t like stars, we also offer different stencils you can use in your project, including the Yellow Compass, Lotus, and Trinity sets. You can view our complete list of concrete stencil patterns and other specialty stamps here.

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