Concrete Stencils
Letter sans-serif
Letters serif
Star Stencil
Welcome retro
Welcome script
Compass Rose Narrow
Compass Rose Wide
Lotus Corner
Lotus Half
Lotus Center
Lotus border
Large Compass Stencil
Numbers Thin
Numbers Wide
Celtic Knot Corner
Celtic Knot Center
Celtic Knot T Piece
Celtic Knot Border
Celtic knot set
Trinity set
Trinity border
Trinity Center
Trinity Corner
Brick stencil
Brick border
Flagstone Border
Cobblestone Border
Concrete Stencils

Concrete Stencils


Style: 3' Star

3' Star
4' Star
6" Serif Alphabet Set
Welcome Script
Welcome Retro
Compass Rose Wide
Compass Rose Narrow
6" Sans Serif Alphabet Set
Lotus Border Piece
Lotus Center Piece
Lotus Corner Piece
Lotus Half Piece
Lotus Stencil SET
12' Compass Rose
Thin Numbers Set
Wide Numbers Set
Celtic Knot Corner Piece
Celtic Knot Center Piece
Celtic Knot T-Piece
Celtic Knot Linear Piece
Celtic Knot Stencil SET
Trinity Corner Piece
Trinity Center Piece
Trinity Linear Border Piece
Trinity Stencil SET
Handicap Pavement Marking

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Easily set your work apart from the rest with these simple-to-use and highly versatile concrete stencils. Infinitely reusable, Concrete Dimensions are a cost-effective alternative or addition to traditional stamps, textures, and paper stencils.

Concrete Stencil Dimensions Catalog


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3' Star, 4' Star, 6" Serif Alphabet Set, Welcome Script, Welcome Retro, Compass Rose Wide, Compass Rose Narrow, 6" Sans Serif Alphabet Set, Lotus Border Piece, Lotus Center Piece, Lotus Corner Piece, Lotus Half Piece, Lotus Stencil SET, 12' Compass Rose, Thin Numbers Set, Wide Numbers Set, Celtic Knot Corner Piece, Celtic Knot Center Piece, Celtic Knot T-Piece, Celtic Knot Linear Piece, Celtic Knot Stencil SET, Trinity Corner Piece, Trinity Center Piece, Trinity Linear Border Piece, Trinity Stencil SET, Handicap Pavement Marking

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