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The coverage rates of one 55 lb. (25 kg) unit of T1000® Fine Gray are approximately:
96 sq. ft. at 1/16″ thick (9 m² at 1.5 mm thick)
48 sq. ft. at 1/8″ thick (4.5 m² at 3 mm thick)
32 sq. ft. at 3/16″ thick (3 m² at 4.8 mm thick)

This product Must be used with T-1000 primer



Technical Data Sheet

Actual Volume (cu. ft.) 0.5
Total Price $78.00
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Packaged in 55-pound (25 kg) bags. Each bag, once properly mixed with water, provides a coverage rate of approximately 96 SF at 1/16″ thick (2.2m² at 1.5 mm thick). A polymer modified, cementitious material designed for resurfacing and texturing stable, non-moving concrete floors and hardscapes. Single application thickness can range from 1/16″ (1.5mm) to a maximum of 3/16″ (4.5mm), depending on thickness desired. Use with T-1000™ Primer to provide enhanced adhesion and workability of the material. Wide range of Uni-Mix® Color Packs available. Multiple applications methods possible, smooth trowel, broom finish, splatter brush, or sprayed with a hopper gun. T-1000 Fine is compatible with Butterfield Color® stencils or stains.


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