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Surface Aid is the perfect fix to almost every solvent based sealer issue. Perfect solution to restoring your faded sealer with out applying more or as a maintenance in between biannual seal coats.

*Sealer will be shipped in accordance with your individual states VOC compliance Laws.

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Surface Aid is made up of a strong blend of aromatic and ketone solvents and surfactants. It is used to restore heavily coated existing solvent based acrylic sealers that have started to soften, fade, peel, crack, delaminate, and deteriorate. Surface Aid also clears up white spots or blushing due to moisture content issues. Surface Aid melts the heavily coated existing solvent based acrylic sealer, and helps restore the original appearance without adding more acrylic to allow the sealer to wear off naturally over time without stripping the existing bulk of the coating.


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  1. Carl Tysinger (verified owner)

    Worked just like it was described, definitely will use again

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