Solomon Dry Integral Color


Color intensity depends on Pigment dose per yard. See chart Coloring System Guide Below. Please call us and Talk to a Pro if you have questions. 

These color chips represent shades of integral colors based on medium tone gray Type I-II Portland cement with 4” slump. Use this chart as a guideline only. The colors may not exactly represent the final color. Shade variations of cement and aggregate, plus variations in the mix design, volume of water, addition of admixtures and other additives, etc., may have an effect on the final color. Therefore we recommend that a test slab be poured and approved prior to the start of the job.




25 lb case of six 6.25 lb bags
Solomon Colors
115 238 242 288 306 338 385 413 417 467 489 492 5092 600 750 755 757 775 908 920
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Solomon Dry Integral colors is packaged in pre-measured repulpable bags for accurate and convenient coloring of concrete. Our concentrated Integral Pigments contain NO fillers or extenders, just pure pigment. They are added directly to the concrete in the ready mix truck either at the batch plant or at the job site. The pigments are pure, permanent, inert, stable, sun fast and time proof. The quantity required varies depending on the color desired and the amount of cement in the concrete.

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Weight 25 lbs

25 lb, 6.25 lb, case of six 6.25 lb bags

Solomon Colors

115, 238, 242, 288, 306, 338, 385, 413, 417, 467, 489, 492, 5092, 600, 750, 755, 757, 775, 908, 920


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