Select Etch

Select Etch is the NEW (and improved) Surface Deactivator!


Select-Etch by Brickform is a concrete surface retarder that makes exposed aggregate finishes easier and more consistent. It is topically applied to freshly-placed concrete to prevent cement paste hardening and achieve more controlled exposed aggregate finishes.

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Twelve predetermined depths of exposure are available, color-coded for identification, to provide consistent, repeatable cement paste removal and aggregate reveal.

Because Select-Etch provides a longer window before the surface paste must be removed, it allows underlying concrete to harden properly, locking in aggregate and reducing pop-outs. Select-Etch is water-soluble for easy removal with high-pressure water washing and scrubbing equipment.

Select-Etch creates a polymeric film that acts as a water retention barrier and temporary curing agent, protecting fresh concrete from light rain and reducing moisture loss.

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