READY TO USE Troweling and Finishing Aid-DAY 1 – 5 GALLON



Lubricates for more efficient surface closing, reducing operator fatigue and trowel wear. Extends workability time by 15 to 30 minutes, even under hot, dry, sunny, and windy conditions. Aids application of shake on hardeners in low bleedwater environments.Reduces efflorescence on both colored & standard concrete. Minimizes checking, crazing & scaling.Hardening & densification. Increases impact and abrasion-resistance. Creates a denser, less permeable surface for resistance to liquid penetration, staining. Increases surface compressive strength approximately 20% – 30%. Reduces Water Vapor Transmission Per ASTM F1869 – *(MVER). Mitigates Volume of Water Vapors Per ASTM D 4263. Colloidal silica chemical reaction reduces CO2 migration. Decreases potential for alkali silica reaction – *(ASR). Reduces potential for slab curling. Concentrate and Ready-to-Use Formulas.


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Day1 is a finishing aid that lubricates the surface for faster, easier finishing. Day1 can also extend workable time by 15 to 30 minutes, even under adverse conditions such as high wind, heat, or low humidity. Day1 eliminates the need to add water to the surface which can be detrimental to the surface performance of the slab. It can also be used to help finish shake on hardeners in low bleedwater environments. Day1 is a safety net, giving finishers more time on the slab. Day1, applied during finishing, provides a number long term of benefits to cured concrete, as well. Day1 has been shown to reduce surface evaporation, mitigating and reducing slab curling and differential shrinkage. Day1 also has densification properties and reduces efflorescence in colored and standard concrete.

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