Poly-astic – Concrete Counter Top Sealer (FDA APPROVED) 2-Quart Kit


Brickform Poly-Astic complies with the FDA US Food Code 6-101.11 for indoor construction materials when applied over flat, un-textured areas. The product, when applied according to the guidelines below, will provide a smooth, durable, non-absorptive, easily cleanable surface that meets the standard set forth in the FDA guideline for food service operations including food preparation areas.

*Sealer will be shipped in accordance with your individual states VOC compliance Laws.


BRICKFORM Poly-Astic is a two-part high solids, durable, and high gloss sealer designed for interior use on concrete or masonry surfaces. Poly-Astic is designed for two coat application resulting in a water clear finish. Poly-Astic provides an extremely durable finish ideal for commercial or residential interior concrete flooring.  Poly-Astic does not yellow or deteriorate under UV rays.  It is highly resistant to most chemicals and will greatly increase the service life of concrete and concrete overlay flooring. 

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Weight 10 lbs


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