Evaporation Retarder

BRICKFORM Evaporation Retarder is concentrated. When mixed and diluted with the proper amount of water (9 parts), one gallon (3.785 L) will become ten gallons (37.85 L) of concentrate and will cover 2,000 to 4,000 square feet (185.8 – 371.6 m2). BRICKFORM Evaporation Retarder contains a dissipating blue dye for easier visual determination of coverage.

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BRICKFORM Evaporation Retarder, Extends Working Time For Coloring And Stamping BRICKFORM Evaporation Retarder is formulated to be V.O.C. compliant. This water-based film minimizes the evaporation of water from the surface of newly placed concrete, extending both workability and finishing time. BRICKFORM Evaporation Retarder comes in an odorless concentrate that is mixed with water, making it economical and environmentally friendly. BRICKFORM Evaporation Retarder will not affect the final cure and concrete strength.


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