Bench With Backrest Mold Set


Durable urethane molds that can be used with Butterfield Color® Flat Out® Countertop Mix for accelerated repeat production. Gilpin’s Falls Bridge Plank top replicates the natural look of a wood plank and also works with the Concrete Bench Mold with Backrest System.


  • Kit Includes:
    • 1-Wood Plank Bench Top Mold – S7348
    • 2-Bench Leg with Backrest Mold Set – S100
    • 2 sets Bench Hardware – S8100


Bench Hardware sets  includes (4 each) –  2 3/4″ Partially Threaded Bolt, Washer, 1/2″ Threaded Insert 1 1/2″ Length.

Bench Leg with Backrest Mold Set includes left and right leg and requires 2 sets of Bench Hardware. Reinforcement of the concrete per industry standards is recommended.


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Weight 72 lbs


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