14″ SOLO® 881 Cut-Off Saw 2-Stroke 81CC Engine W/ Patented iLube System


Solo, a company with a reputation of high quality precision German-engineering, and a global leader in professional quality two stroke engines since 1948, has after nearly a decade of market research and product testing found several ways to overcome the common issues that are associated with cut-off saws and the problems that are caused by the harsh environments in which they are operated.  Subsequently, Solo has introduced the state of the art 880 cut off saw which brings innovation and industry leading quality and performance to this market.

Engine – The 880 features Solo’s robust 81cc German-engineered two stroke engines for unmatched power output, balance, smoothness and reliability.  Also, each is equipped with five anti-vibration isolation mounts and rubber coated handle for fatigue free operation.

Carburetor – Starting this powerful engine has been made super easy by using a state of the art carburetor that automatically applies the choke mechanism at start-up, thus eliminating a manual choke lever to pull and no half throttle button to push.

Cylinder – The Nikasil® cylinder is a ceramic coated material for smooth, powerful, compression, lower incidents of defect, better heat tolerance and increased life versus a steel-chrome cylinder. Additionally, they are equipped with decompression valves making the starter cord much easier to pull.

Air Filtration – Superior air filtration, with reduced maintenance, is achieved with Solo’s patented twin pipe, multi-stage air filtration system.  This system constantly circulates and pre-cleans the air before reaching the actual air filter element, reducing filter maintenance and extending engine life.  Solo’s air filtration system also includes a unique rocker wheel which helps to clean the filter in between maintenance intervals

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  • 14″ Cut-Off Solo Saw
  • 14″ Hammerhead Shark Saw Blade
  • Extra Saw Filter


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Weight 45 lbs