Wood Patterns – Decorative Stamped Concrete Rubber Texture Mats
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6″ Wood Plank BST7370

Grout Line Width: 1/8″

Additional Tools:
Single Plank Flexible  –  BST7371FL
Flexible ‘X’ –  BST7370XFL
Flexible ‘Y’ –  BST7370YFL

Butterfield 6 inch Wood Plank BST7370

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12″ Cedar Wood Planks FM-8

2 ft Cedar Wood Plank

11.5″ x 24″ (29.21 x 60.96 cm) Blue

3 ft Cedar Wood Planks

11.5’’ x 36’’ (29.21 x 91.44 cm) Blue

4 ft Cedar Wood Planks

11.5’’ x 48’’ (29.21 x 121.92 cm) Blue

6 ft Cedar Wood Plank

11.5’’ x 72’’ (29.21 x 182.88 cm) Blue

Cedar Wood Planking Set

5 Pieces In The Set

Product Overview
A cedar wood texture with coarse, pronounced grain and a rough surface appearance that incorporates oversized nail heads at each end.


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Classic Wood FM-8700

Classic Wood FM-8700
81.5” x 21.75” (207 x 55.2 cm)

Product Overview
Combining multiple wood grains to offer a bold, pronounced, exposed grain texture with six-inch wide planks.

Classic Wood Grain TextureFM-8700

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8″ Timber End Grain Set BST7398

For use with 3 1/2″ Hardwood Planks, 6″ Wood Plank, 12″ Wood Plank, and Gilpin’s Falls Bridge Plank

Product Overview
The 8″ Timber End Grain Set includes two 8″ x 16″ end grain texture skins (can be easily cut to desired size). They are commonly used to face patio edges and steps or used as a form liner.


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Gilpin’s Falls Bridge Plank

Grout Line Width: 1/8″
Grout Line Depth: 3/16″

Available Tools:
55″ x 16″ (Green) – BST7380GR
55″ x 16″ (Blue) – BST7380BL
55″ x 16″ (Black) – BST7380BK

Recommended Contractor Set:
9 Rigid, 2 Flex, 1 – 25″ x 13 1/2″ Skin,
1 – 53″ x 15″ Skin


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