10 guage wire mesh 5'x8' Sheet

10 Guage Sheet Wire Mesh - Concrete Reinforcment 5′ x 8′

10 guage wire mesh 5'x8' Sheet

6 Guage Sheet Wire Mesh – Concrete Reinforcment 5′ x 8′

steel re-rod-in-20-foot-sections

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Steel Re-Rod – Concrete Reinforcment 20′ Sections.

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The original ZipStrip control joint is a rigid polystyrene extrusion that creates a straight line, controlled crack on the surface of all on grade slabs. ZipStrip eliminates random cracking in all variations and thicknesses of slabs where a control joint is required. ZipStrip is the economic alternative to saw cutting to create similar straight line surface joints.

ZipStrip is inserted in the concrete when the concrete is still wet, preferably after screeding and tamping. A straight vertical line of weakness is formed where ZipStrip was inserted. The top portion of the ZipStrip is removed leaving the vertical portion in the concrete to form a weakness in the surface of the slab to the ground. The new joint can be tooled with a radiused edger or the surface of the slab can be finished over the top of the joint. As the slab shrinks during the normal curing process a slight straight line separation on the surface of the slab will appear where ZipStrip was inserted.

When panels are poured on top of the floors in tilt up construction where ZipStrip was used, the probability of telegraphed lines on the exterior panels will be minimal eliminating the need for costly repairs.


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A rigid, plastic expansion cap with a removable top, VoidCap can be placed over all types of expansion joint. After the concrete is poured the top of the VoidCap is level with the surface of the slab. After the surface of the concrete is finished, the top portion of the VoidCap can be removed leaving a void 1/2″ deep. Any type of self-leveling caulk can be placed into the void sealing the joint from surface moisture.

6-mil roll of visqueen 20x100 plastic sheeting

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Construction Grade Plastic Sheeting

A big roll of 6 mil plastic visqueen sheeting has many uses.  Make a barrier for vapor, dust, or moisture.  Cover anything you need to protect, from the side of a mobile home during transport to the floor while you’re painting.  Even use as a base in landscaping.  Commonly called visqueen, this polyethylene sheeting is 1600 square feet of protection.  6 mil is good and thick, it may look like black trash bags but is in fact thicker and more durable.


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Polyfoam is a closed cell, non-cross link, flexible polyethylene foam with a 1/2″ score slit on one end. It is used in various concrete applications where an expansion joint is required. After the surface of the slab is finished, the top 1/2″ portion of polyfoam can be separated and removed from the bottom portion creating a 1/2″ void at the surface of the slab. Latex, rubber or polysulfide sealants can be placed into the void.

concrete expansion paper

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Concrete Expansion Paper

Minimize stress damage and enhance the performance capabilities of concrete with proper jointing techniques to accommodate expansion contraction cycles.

Expansion Paper is sold in:

  • ½” x 3 ½” x 5’ pieces or bundles of 20 pieces
  • 1” x 6” x 5’ pieces or bundles of 20 pieces

Concrete expands and contracts with temperature and moisture changes. As the temperature rises or the moisture content of the concrete increases, expansion takes place. As the temperature drops, the concrete will contract. The provision to accommodate movement at predetermined locations with proper joint applications prevents the development of stresses that could rupture the concrete.


Expansion Paper can be used in 80% of all control joint applications. It is ideally suited for joints in sidewalks, driveways, streets, and single and multi-level floor slabs.
Due to its unique self-sealing characteristic, no subsequent joint sealing is required.