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Chem-Coat Industries Reactive Concrete Stains (Acid Stain) will enhance new and existing concrete by adding decorative and unique shading of colors. The variegated and translucent color effects are a result of the unique formulation of blended acidic metallic salts. Chem-Coat Reactive Concrete Stains (Acid Stain) become part of the concrete surface, due to a chemically reactive process, and will wear only as the concrete wears. Mixing different Chem-Coat Reactive Concrete Stains (Acid Stain) together can also achieve dramatic results, thus creating your own unique colors. Chem-Coat Reactive Concrete Stains (Acid Stain) are available in 12 unique colors - ready to use.

Acid Staining

Chem-Coat Acid stain - 12 Colors

Chem-Coat Acid stain - 12 Colors

Additional Acid Staining Info:
Acid stains can be used on concrete that is cleaned, has not been sealed, and is not too old. They
are available in a variety of colors and come in 1 gallon containers. The stain reacts chemically with
the concrete surface to produce a patina rustic look that will not chip or peel. Always test the color to
be achieved before applying to the entire surface. After the concrete has cured for a minimum of three days, apply the stain with a sponge, sprayer, or brush in equal amounts and uniformity. After 6 to 8 hours, rinse, and check coloration.

If further coloration is desired, apply a second coat of stain. Generally, two coats of the same or different color of stain are desirable to achieve richer looking tones. Once desired tone is achieved, neutralize with a baking soda or ammonia solution, rinse with clear water and allow to dry. Then seal with an acrylic sealer, or for indoor high traffic areas, use a 2 part epoxy sealer or urethane. Each gallon of acid stain covers approximately 300 sq ft per coat.




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